first down

11/30/17 08:01

The next time I fall down - which I haven't done in a long time - I'm going to spring back to my feet and point triumphantly toward the end zone.

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I got a rejection on Giving Tuesday.

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Every once in a while I shoot off emails to all the editors holding my stories, inquiring about their status. Then I get up and move away from the computer, as if from a wasps’ nest I have recklessly disturbed.

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last name first

11/27/17 08:47

Steve Harvey hosted the Miss Universe pageant again last night and it was beautifully appropriate that a few of the contestants, in hoping to demonstrate a degree of familiarity, mistakenly addressed him as "Harvey."

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gone shopping

11/24/17 08:50

A few weeks ago I was in the local bookstore looking for a calendar for the kitchen. I didn’t see the one I usually get – of vintage food advertisements – so I went online. It was there, but I would have to pay a shipping fee. I restrained myself from the almost effortless motion of clicking “PURCHASE.”

Last week I was in a nearby town where I went to the bookstore and found my Bon Appetit calendar. (I especially desired it because November features a woman in traditional Alsatian dress bearing a plate of choucroute.) I took it to the cashier and paid the flat rate. Then I walked out to the parking lot with my new calendar in hand – no having to wait for it to be delivered – and thought what a wonderful thing a store is. 

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For my first 19 years in Florida I didn’t subscribe to any newspaper. I worked for one. Monday through Friday I’d pick up a copy in the newsroom and on Sunday I’d go to Bob’s and shell out a dollar. Things written about in Saturday’s paper, as far as I was concerned, never happened.  

In 2008, the Sun-Sentinel laid me off and I immediately took out a subscription to the Herald. I don’t remember what it cost then, but now it's $89 a month. For much less than that I can go to Bob’s and buy the weekly Spectator which, being British, has an irreverent flair that long ago disappeared from American journalism. But it doesn’t tell me what’s happening in Wynwood.

I suspect that the exorbitant subscription price is part of the paper’s effort to wean readers off the print edition so the company can eventually kill it. I don’t like reading online because I spend most of my day staring into a screen. Yet I grasp the absurdity, in the age of the Internet, of gathering news and information, waiting 24 hours to print it on paper, and then delivering thousands of these papers to individual houses and apartments.

 It’s just that sometimes I like absurdity. But not at $89 a month.

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