08/14/17 08:25

A picture on Facebook captured my favorite reaction to this weekend: It showed a woman carrying a sign with a heart painted on it and, in small letters in the top left corner, the word "Imagine."

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I don’t like being idle, even when sick, so over the last week I’ve come up with a plan that, if implemented, would put an end to concussions in football.

 Surfing the sports channels, I’ve noticed that there is very often a football game being shown, even though this is not football season. They are reruns, of course, almost always of college games, but people must be watching them. And there have to be thousands of such games preserved – on both the college and professional levels – that could fill this season and many more to come. So that’s my proposal: Instead of playing new games, with more career-ending and life-impairing injuries, we content ourselves with the old games, a good number of which, as we all know, are classics. This way Americans would get to watch their favorite sport and nobody, absolutely nobody would get hurt.

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night & day

08/10/17 08:27

I've been getting up repeatedly during the night, so I'm used to seeing darkness outside, but this morning it was dark at 8 am. The rain is continuing the impression that the night hasn't yet passed. I hope my infection realizes that it's now daytime, when it should start acting with a little more civility. 

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sick night

08/08/17 08:49

Went to bed at 10 last night and woke up with an earache at what felt like 5 but was only midnight. My nose, which had been running all day like it had for the last five days, was having a crisis of confidence: keep running or go the stuffed-up route? Let's try both! Happily, the flow was not fast and warm, which I've come to recognize as blood. Happily, I slept straight through to 7 o'clock. Earache gone. Nose though shows no sign of quitting. 

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whom whom

08/07/17 10:23

'Whom' is so often replaced by 'who' these days that I was beginning to think the pronoun might become obsolete. But, on the front page of the Miami Herald's sports section this morning, I saw my first example of 'whom' ungrammatically replacing 'who'. It was in the reader, or sub-head, to the story about the Dolphins' new acquisition: "With Ryan Tannehill out indefinitely, Miami coach Adam Gase has been reunited with quarterback Jay Cutler, whom agreed to a one-year deal ..."


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When my dermatologist told me I could use a cream to treat the “superficial” cancer on my nose, I was delighted. Over the years he had already inflicted stitches on other parts of my face and, for some reason, I was sensitive about the nose.

I started the treatment July 10. The middle of my nose gradually turned red and, about a week ago, crusty. Last night – with only three more nights to go – I developed flu-like symptoms, one of the possible side effects of the cream. Stuffed nose, cough, chills. This morning I had a slight fever. And of course an unsightly nose. Next time I’m going with the knife.

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