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For years, fans asked how Roger Federer could be the greatest of all time when he consistently lost to Rafael Nadal. Now Nadal will become the world’s Number 1 after falling repeatedly this year – Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami Open, Shanghai Masters – to Federer.

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at love

10/13/17 09:52

A fan at the Shanghai Rolex Masters was wearing a surgical mask - as Asians sometimes do - but this one had "I [heart] Roger" written across it.

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fallback team

10/12/17 06:24

One of the many advantages of having lived abroad is that it gives you a country to root for when your own fails to qualify for the World Cup. Go Poland!

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Some people will watch a baseball game with the sound off so they can listen to the play-by-play on radio. I wish there were some way you could watch the U.S. Open on ESPN and hear the commentators - especially Brett Haber and Paul Annacone - of the Tennis Channel.

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cover charge

08/28/17 08:37

I don’t have a lot of hope for Roger Federer at the U.S. Open, which begins today. His picture appeared last week on the cover of Sports Illustrated and yesterday on the cover of the New York Times Magazine. The SI cover jinx is the most famous in sports, but it should not be forgotten that the Times magazine, for its special Open issue three years ago, put a beautiful young Canadian on its cover with the words: “Eugenie Bouchard Could Be Tennis’s Next Big Shot.”

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I don’t like being idle, even when sick, so over the last week I’ve come up with a plan that, if implemented, would put an end to concussions in football.

 Surfing the sports channels, I’ve noticed that there is very often a football game being shown, even though this is not football season. They are reruns, of course, almost always of college games, but people must be watching them. And there have to be thousands of such games preserved – on both the college and professional levels – that could fill this season and many more to come. So that’s my proposal: Instead of playing new games, with more career-ending and life-impairing injuries, we content ourselves with the old games, a good number of which, as we all know, are classics. This way Americans would get to watch their favorite sport and nobody, absolutely nobody would get hurt.

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