gym talk

02/07/18 08:39

“How ya doin’?” the man on the weight bench asked between pumps. I’d seen him there before: a small, bald, wiry fellow.

“OK,” I said. “How are you?”

“Trying to stay alive. It keeps getting harder. I was at the doctor’s the other day and a man in the waiting room asked me how old I was. I said ‘80.’ He said, ‘I’m 90. You don’t want to be 90.’”

I told him I hadn’t seen him in a while. He said his insurance pays for him to go to a high-end gym, with trainers. “I asked one of the trainers, ‘Which of these machines should I use to impress these pretty young women?’ And he said, ‘Try the ATM.’”

By Thomas Swick • Category: Americans

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