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12/11/17 08:36

Saturday morning we drove to Miami through intermittent showers. The rain must have dissuaded some art lovers, as the traffic on Biscayne Blvd. was fairly light, and we found a parking space – in the lot of Trinity Cathedral – without a problem. Twenty dollars for my church.

We sat in the car until a squall passed, then walked with umbrellas to Art Miami, a huge tent that had been set up on the site of the old Herald building. Inside, we waited with other damp people for about 25 minutes. At 11 am we were all let loose.

We stayed three hours and didn’t see everything. The Koreans had a large presence, with some brilliant artists who, like many on display, demonstrated a playful sense of humor. A few of the patrons were as interesting as some of the paintings, while  taking themselves much more seriously. Even the window looking onto Biscayne Bay – its causeways, its cruise ships, its condos – had the look of a canvas, showing the scene in a rare watery grey. Even I couldn’t help but think it was a view too good for journalists.  

For lunch we drove – again surprisingly easily – up Biscayne Blvd. to the Design District. While consuming our vaca frita and black beans and rice at Estafan Kitchen, we listened to a pianist who, during his break, was replaced by black-and-white videos of old Latin stars. Afterwards, we walked the streets, passing art lovers and construction workers. Two people stood at a streetside information desk.

 “When is this district going to be finished?” I asked the young man.

 “Who knows?” he said. “Perhaps it will be the Sagrada Familia of Miami.”

By Thomas Swick • Category: hometown

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