frustrated reader

12/04/17 07:44

It’s been hard not finding a newspaper outside the door every morning. Now I have to come in here, where I work, blog, waste time on Facebook, to read the paper before blogging, working, wasting time on Facebook. The front page appears on my screen, but I have to scroll down to see what’s at the bottom of it. Yes, I can reduce the size, so only the headlines are readable (headlines being the majority of what one reads in a newspaper), but as soon as I click to turn the page it reverts to its previous size. If I scroll down to read the bottom of a page, and then turn the page, instead of seeing the bottom of the next page, I see the top, making it necessary for me to scroll down again. (I thought perhaps I could do one page down, the next page up, etc., but that would be too logical.) I’m tempted to read only stories above the fold, but then I’d be tormented by the idea of missing something I shouldn’t. Reading online has further reinforced for me the beauty of paper. No wonder people addicted to screens aren’t getting their news from newspapers.

I’m off to Pennsylvania. Will be back here next Monday.  

By Thomas Swick • Category: media

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