before the storm

09/07/17 09:50

Yesterday I drove up to buy some kabanosy – garlic sausage that doesn’t need refrigeration – at the Old World Polish Deli in Pompano Beach. The woman behind the counter, here four years from Bialystok, seemed quite cheerful about the advancing hurricane. I also added a few Prince Polo bars (Polish KitKats) to cover my need for comfort food. Down the street I stopped at Big Apple Books and bought, fittingly, Ruth Reichl’s Comfort Me with Apples. The people there were also quite sanguine about the storm but, then, they have a lot to read.

 At Publix I bought arugula, carrots, lemons, grapefruits, peanuts and the largest red cabbage I had ever seen in the store. Then I drove to Bob’s News on Andrews Avenue to pick up The Spectator. Because it’s $8, I don’t often buy the jaunty, irreverent British weekly – which employs a High Life columnist and a Low Life columnist – but this is not a time to deprive oneself. Here’s hoping sausage, salads, and sparkling prose will see us through this thing.

By Thomas Swick • Category: Americans

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