here's to the fish

08/02/17 09:41

The Marlins continue to amaze. Last Thursday I went to see them play Cincinnati, not expecting much, as they had just flown in from Texas after scoring a team record 22 runs. They beat the Reds 4-1 and went on to almost sweep them in four. Monday night they broke up the Nationals Gio Gonzalez's no-hitter in the ninth and had a chance to win the game thanks to fine performances by their own pitchers against the division leader. Last night, after receiving news that two of their injured teammates will be gone for the season, they got behind 6-0 to the Nationals and came back and beat them 7-6.

They are doing all of this with a depleted pitching staff and key starters on the DL. It would seem at this point in the season that they have nothing to play for, yet they have quietly climbed into second place. No team in baseball looks forward to playing them. Their resiliency is remarkable; they are giving nightly lessons in the art of overcoming adversity. And all the local sports media can talk about is Dolphins’ camp.

By Thomas Swick • Category: sports

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