the weekend of a writer

03/20/17 12:38

Saturday I was sitting at Paul’s at Sawgrass Mills – Hania and our house guest had gone off shopping – reading an email from an editor expressing his desire to publish the essay I had sent him. The joy of modern communication, I thought: At any moment, even on a Saturday afternoon, your world can be made bright.

 Sunday night we sat with our houseguests at Thai Spice. As they studied the menu, I checked my emails. There was one from another editor at the same magazine; the first editor had mentioned that he would give my essay to a colleague for some ‘slight’ trimming. This editor said that he had narrowed the focus of my essay, and because of that it would require a new ending.

 I slipped my phone back into my pocket and silently cursed the immediacy of modern communication.

By Thomas Swick • Category: writing

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