American irony

06/27/17 08:57

At the reception following the evensong Sunday, I talked to a long-time Miamian. Toby told me about his days in England, in the late '60s, serving with the United States Army. One evening a British officer brought up the race riots that were taking place in the States, and noted that they didn't have such problems in Britain, suggesting that their armed forces kept their minorities under control.

Toby looked at the man and said: "Sir, our Marine Corps is larger than your entire military." Then, like an American Waugh, he added: "Don't get me wrong - you have a nice little army. And it has very good bands."

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summer Sunday

06/26/17 08:46

To brunch at Voo La Voo Café in Wilton Manors for real Breton crêpes (galettes de blé noir), then down to Miami to watch the Marlins play the Cubs. There were so many Cubs fans in attendance that when Giancarlo Stanton hit an insurance home run in the 8th I almost expected a fan to toss it back onto the field. After the game I drove downtown, stopping in Books & Books before heading over to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for evensong - possibly the most beautiful word in the English language. Because Sunday was the 250th anniversary of Georg Philipp Telemann's death - a fact that went unremarked upon at the ballpark - the service featured his music, sung by the Anglican Chorale. On the drive home I was serenaded by Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethania on WDNA’s Café Brasil.

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06/23/17 09:06

An aphoristic stretch here means either I don't have much to write about or I have a lot to write about someplace else.

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Cutting-edge comedians who end up making mainstream movies.

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more on memoir

06/21/17 08:48

The memoirist’s eternal question: Is it really interesting, or does it just seem interesting because it’s about me?

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not even close

06/20/17 09:58

The fashion in memoirs is for 'brutally honest.' I'm aiming for 'elegantly authentic.'

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