06/23/17 09:06

An aphoristic stretch here means either I don't have much to write about or I have a lot to write about someplace else.

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Cutting-edge comedians who end up making mainstream movies.

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more on memoir

06/21/17 08:48

The memoirist’s eternal question: Is it really interesting, or does it just seem interesting because it’s about me?

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not even close

06/20/17 09:58

The fashion in memoirs is for 'brutally honest.' I'm aiming for 'elegantly authentic.'

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paper city

06/19/17 08:21

Reading the New York Times yesterday and coming across the essay titled, “Admit It. Summer’s terrible,” I thought: And people beyond the Hudson think this is the cheerless newspaper of a dyspeptic city.   

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We're having neighbors over this evening and I'm already anticipating the questions about all of my books. "Well the thing about books," I'm going to tell them, "is that, if you write 'em you oughta read 'em."

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