08/22/17 08:22

A friend from Nashville wrote yesterday: "I felt like the whole town was in that classic Life magazine photo of people in a theater wearing 3D glasses." While a friend on Facebook asked: "Now that the sun has seen its shadow, how many more weeks do we have of Donald Trump?"

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This weekend a friend noted that people will make plans years, sometimes decades, in advance because of scientists' predictions of an eclipse, but they'll ignore scientists' warnings about climate change and rising seas.

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08/18/17 08:24

A poet friend of mine recently sent birthday cards to two poems of his that have been sitting at a magazine for a year.

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During my two-week-long illness I have not received a single rejection.

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help in August

08/16/17 09:20

There is a saying in France that one should never get sick in August, as that's the month when the entire country - including the medical profession - is off on vacation. I thought of that Friday, when I called my ear-nose-and-throat doctor and was told that he doesn't see patients on Friday. Next I called my general practitioner and learned that she was away until the 23rd. The American medical system, it seemed, was copying the French one in its least appealing aspect: inactivity.

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Hania and I met by the NyQuil bottle last night.

"You know it's 10% alcohol," she informed me.

"Whoopee," I said, putting down the emptied cup.

I should have said, "Sante."

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