We were telling our French friend about our visit to Sweden, remarking on the attractiveness of the people, and he said: "That's because the Vikings, when they went to Normandy, picked all the pretty girls and took them home."

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Saturday night

10/24/16 08:29

Out on Biscayne Boulevard, after the concert at the Arsht Center, I saw my first "I'm a nasty woman" T-shirt. (It was not being worn by the featured soloist, Renee Fleming.) Minutes later in the car, reading a headline on my smartphone and not, unfortunately, channeling Harry Caray, Hania said: "Holy Cow, the Cubs are going to the World Series."

At home we watched the debate on Saturday Night Live. Listening with my eyes closed, after putting in my eye drops, I was struck by how much like Clinton Kate McKinnon sounds, something you don't notice while watching her physical antics. I tried closing my eyes a few times during the concert, but I was afraid people would think I'd fallen asleep.

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I'm not a Cubs fan but I'm rooting for the Cubs, for the same reason I rooted for the Red Sox in 2004. It's time. Also, their manager, Joe Maddon, attended the same college as my father, Lafayette, in the town of my birth, Easton, PA. They also have on their roster a player who starred at Villanova, my alma mater, in football as well as baseball: Matt Szczur. His name means "rat" in Polish and is pronounced a bit like the word "chore" if you put a "sh" in front of it, though the announcers cheat and call him Caesar. They've had to do that quite a lot because one of the starters, Anthony Rizzo, has emerged from his slump by using Szczur's bats. In fact, Szczur was interviewed from the dugout during last night's game - making him one of a very small group of non-starters ever interviewed during a championship game - and he mentioned that another player was wearing his leggings. But then Szczur is used to sharing what he has: While at Villanova, he donated bone marrow to a young Ukrainian girl.  

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10/20/16 09:16

I wonder how many votes Trump sent Clinton's way last night from people who want to see how he reacts to being beaten.

And by the way, why couldn't any moderator say to him, "Yes, we know you blame Clinton, but could you please give us some idea of your plan to remedy things?

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take me out

10/19/16 09:05

Perhaps tonight, instead of throwing insults and accusations at each other, Clinton and Trump could just sit quietly and watch the Cubs-Dodgers game.

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give us a break

10/18/16 08:02

Perhaps Clinton and Trump could do the nation a favor and just call off tomorrow's debate.

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