08/18/17 08:24

A poet friend of mine recently sent birthday cards to two poems of his that have been sitting at a magazine for a year.

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During my two-week-long illness I have not received a single rejection.

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help in August

08/16/17 09:20

There is a saying in France that one should never get sick in August, as that's the month when the entire country - including the medical profession - is off on vacation. I thought of that Friday, when I called my ear-nose-and-throat doctor and was told that he doesn't see patients on Friday. Next I called my general practitioner and learned that she was away until the 23rd. The American medical system, it seemed, was copying the French one in its least appealing aspect: inactivity.

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Hania and I met by the NyQuil bottle last night.

"You know it's 10% alcohol," she informed me.

"Whoopee," I said, putting down the emptied cup.

I should have said, "Sante."

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08/14/17 08:25

A picture on Facebook captured my favorite reaction to this weekend: It showed a woman carrying a sign with a heart painted on it and, in small letters in the top left corner, the word "Imagine."

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I don’t like being idle, even when sick, so over the last week I’ve come up with a plan that, if implemented, would put an end to concussions in football.

 Surfing the sports channels, I’ve noticed that there is very often a football game being shown, even though this is not football season. They are reruns, of course, almost always of college games, but people must be watching them. And there have to be thousands of such games preserved – on both the college and professional levels – that could fill this season and many more to come. So that’s my proposal: Instead of playing new games, with more career-ending and life-impairing injuries, we content ourselves with the old games, a good number of which, as we all know, are classics. This way Americans would get to watch their favorite sport and nobody, absolutely nobody would get hurt.

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