not another

09/22/14 08:12

The New York Times' double dose of Donald Antrim - a review in the book review and a profile in the magazine - gave me the name of yet another contemporary novelist I need to feel bad about not having read.

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teen review

09/19/14 07:05

The other day I received a rejection that began "Hey there Thomas." Am I now sending my work to teenagers?

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bad speak

09/18/14 06:46

The Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been suspended for one half for shouting obscenities on campus.

"I want to apologize to my teammates because I have now made a selfish act for them," the Heisman quarterback said.

It's good there are no suspensions for bad syntax.

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not penn

09/17/14 08:04

When I heard on WLRN the other day that the University of Pennsylvania had been ranked #1 in Playboy's annual list of top party schools, I automatically assumed that the station had made the common mistake of confusing the Ivy League school in Philadelphia with Penn State.

But then I googled and discovered that, indeed, the university founded by Benjamin Franklin ("early to bed, early to rise") was considered to be college party central. So perhaps now up in State College the bookstore will start selling T-shirts that read: "Not the University of Pennsylvania."

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Can "blown away" now be used as an acceptable excuse for missing work?

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book review bliss

09/15/14 08:21

An avid reader, I'm always happy when I'm given a reason not to read something. So imagine my delight yesterday when I found in the New York Times Book Review this summary of a book: "After a pandemic kills most of the human race, a traveling theater company roams around, searching for an audience." Then on the facing page I found: "In a trilogy's conclusion, the mysterious ecosystem known as Area X yields more of its secrets."

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